Project Contra-Invention: This resulted is an exhibition of the photographs Traffic Wardens (correctly termed Civil Enforcement Officers or CEOs) take as proof of parking contravention. I discovered that these images, of other people’s poorly parked cars, could be accessed and downloaded from the local council’s system. (Note: since the project, the system has been changed: art has an impact!) Interestingly, by default, embedded in the downloaded image files was information such as camera type, shutter speed, aperture and more, the kinds of data certain photographers love to keep. In addition, due to lack of expertise as photographers (and with the laws of physics presumably) CEOs occasionally captured themselves in reflection in their own pictures. Lastly it was possible to manoeuvre myself into the pictures by following warden’s around and waiting for that ‘decisive moment’. Three of the CEO's photographs, night shots, were blown up to car size and a catalogue produced containing all of the images collected, as well as the associated data. During the same period the looping film, a 'simupoem', Boring was produced (also included below).
Contra-Invention photographs
Contra-Invention installation shots
Contra-Invention Catalogue