Project Missing You: I repeatedly missed a parcel being delivered to my home. After studying the ‘Sorry We Missed You’ cards left after each unsuccessful delivery, I realised I was able to track the packages movements, in this case, the dates, times and locations as it travelled from distribution centre to warehouse to my home and back to warehouse each subsequent time we had failed to meet. Eventually I was there to sign for the parcel, and, perhaps in need of remote confirmation that I was holding the parcel in my hands, checked the tracking system again. Alongside the usual information, I saw a small .jpg image of the signature I'd just left, a Point of Delivery (POD) signature. I keyed in an invented consignment number and saw the parcel information for a stranger; the times, movements and their similar JPEG image! It was possible to download the tracking information for hundreds of unknown others. From these I produced a book (PODS), slideshow/movie (also named PODS), 'simupoem' (Delivering), prints and other works.
Missing You
Point of Delivery Signatures Book