Project Tilting at Windmills (from 2019)

This series arises out of observations of the various, and often unquestioned ways, in which rural and semi-rural landscapes are utilised and technologically transformed. A thought-experiment (or entrepreneurial idea) connected with this is that golf courses could be converted into wind farms. Activity so far has included submitting that as a proposal on the TripAdvisor pages for golf resorts around the planet, together with rudimentary mock-up images showing the turbines installed. Though some material is being shared in advance, most of the work is in progress, being prepared for a series of exhibitions, beginning with one at the West Cork Arts Centre / Uillinn, opening in September 2022. Toy and model wind turbines were ordered and incorporated into experiments. A number of short looping films have been produced, one with a soundtrack composed of recordings of actual turbines in motion. The exhibition will, most likely, include large sculptural works and readymades too. Updates from a series of related artist residencies are being posted here: https://uillinn-mocksim.blogspot.com/
 Work entitled Making Wind
Making Wind (2019)
 Work entitled Turbogolfing
Turbogolfing (2019)
 Work entitled Irish Signatures (More PODS)
Irish Signatures (More PODS) (2019)
 Work entitled Dutch Stamp
Dutch Stamp (2020)
 Work entitled Turbogolfing (real)
Turbogolfing (real) (2021)
 Work entitled Turbogolfing Still
Turbogolfing Still (2021)