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Solo Exhibition System Interference (2022)

Image for Mocksim showing: System Interference First of a series of solo exhibitions of new work created with the support of an Arts Council of Ireland Commissions Award and Touring and Dissemination funding.

Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre, Skibbereen, Co. Cork, Rep. of Ireland. Start date: 17/09/2022. Duration: 40 days.

Primary Images or Documentation and Secondary Link.

Work(s) Included: Dutch Stamp, Turbogolfing, Making Wind, Insecurity Camera Dance, Turbogolfing (real), Turbogolfing Still, Teenage Kick, Insurance (Trafficking), Boring 2 (Drive-by), Autofocus Feedback Loop, Carrauntoohil, Immersive Interactive Installation, Nontych, Inflated/Deflated Wind Turbine(s), Stupid Plugs, #camponagolfcourse Tent, #camponagolfcourse Poster, Reserection, Small Wind Farm (after Ligeti), Array, Go Find Yourself, Breaking Wind, Artificial Power, Turbogolfing (real) Still, Insecurity Camera Postcards, The Singularity, Sans Comic Triptych, Car Roll, Car Parked, Under-road Bowling (interactive piece), Uillinn Pipes, Welcome Tannoys, Insecurity Guards, Irish Signatures (More PODS), Missing Places, Golf Camping, Turbogolf Proposal.

Curation Ann Davaron. Setup support Stephen Canty and Piotr Lickiewicz. Documentation Tomasz Madajczak. Writing Prof. John Roberts. Opening event conversation with Prof. Caroline Bassett. Header pic Susan Diab. Formal visitor number count, excluding online and engagement with works outside the arts centre was just over 4000. Four schools participated, and four other significant public engagement events, were held during the six weeks of the exhibition.

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